Shipping all over the world - 24/72 H
Shipping all over the world - 24/72 H
products arrives from pastry laboratory directly to your home!
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Why should I sell on dolceitaliano? Find out all plus!

  • You can have your online store open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • You can increase your sales in all over the World.
  • You can place your products without limits and without any insertion costs.
  • You can have a security and fraud protection system.
  • You can have greater visibility of your brand on the web and in the main social networks.
  • You can manage everything very easily, through a personal area of simple management; for any doubt, the Dolceitaliano staff is ready to help you.
  • Your products will be accessible to millions of potential customers and easier to find. Our team's trusted experience in online sales will be at your complete disposal.

In addition:

  • We will take care of the promotion on Google Shopping and on social channels. Our goal is to make you sell!
  • Logistics and shipping are zero thoughts: we take care of this internally too!


Start selling now on to reach millions of possible customers!

Become a seller in in 4 simple steps

Crea account

1. Register and create your seller account

The registration to is free. To create your seller account please enter information about your company (company data, address and contacts of the operational / production / legal offices, legal representative, beneficial owners), information on the contact person for communications, your bank details and a valid credit card (not prepaid).

Carica il tuo catalogo

2. Upload your catalog

Use the web interface of your personal area to place your products in your showcase. To put the items on sale you will need to access "My products" section by filling in the required product fields: the more detailed you are in the compilation, the easier it will be to discover your specialties and buy them.

Consegna i prodotti

3. Deliver products to customers

When an order is placed for one of your items, sends an e-mail notification to your address and within your personal area in "My orders in progress" section.
You will then be able to proceed directly to the packaging and shipping of your products. Our courier in charge will go directly to your warehouse to collect the package.

Ricevi pagamenti

4. Receive payment

The payment of your orders, net of commissions, will be credited to your current account and you will receive an e-mail notification as soon as the transfer is authorized.

Start selling now on to reach millions of possible customers!

Rates applied at the time of sale including VAT

You don't have to advance any costs and you will pay commissions only after selling

Fixed closing fee, applied to the product at the time of sale: 0.99 EUR
Reporting fee charged on the sale: 25%*
Monthly subscription: 39.00 EUR**

* Single rate applied to the management of transactions, no matter the category to which the product sold belongs.
** Monthly subscription worth 39.00 EUR (VAT included) applied for 12 months.


Start selling now on to reach millions of possible customers!

Calculation example of commissions

Sell a cake for 20.00 EUR (including VAT). You are a seller with VAT registered in Italy.

Amounts generated by the sale (including VAT)

Amount sold product 20.00 EUR
Total amount of the selling 20.00 EUR

Commission and your revenues for the sale (VAT included)

Fixed closing fee -0.99 EUR
Referral fee (25% of the sale) -5.00 EUR
Total commissions including VAT
-5.99 EUR
Total of your sales revenue 14.01 EUR

Start selling now on to reach millions of possible customers!

Information about products on website are provided and declared by Seller directly and is not responsible for it.