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La Perla Di Torino

La Perla di Torino was born from the experience of Sergio Arzilli, a traditional family pastry chef who is passionate about cocoa and since 1992 has dedicated a special line of products to Turin, his adopted city. The selected creations, starting with La Perla Nera, the praline truffle, the first product of the firm, meet the tastes of chocolate lovers and identify the quality and aromas typical of the Piedmont region.

At the base of the success of La Perla di Torino, today as then, are the ingredients of the highest quality, the search for the best recipes, the care of the packaging, attention to detail and continuous innovation in both recipes and packaging.

Over the years, the company has managed to convey these family values ​​of artisan quality and care for customers both in Italy and abroad. The selected distribution network of La Perla di Torino products on the national and international territory is evidence of the company's professionalism and flexibility.

La Perla di Torino is a modern, dynamic and lively company that is constantly evolving and expanding. The company's strong point remains the passion for craftsmanship and the values ​​transmitted by the founder, which the firm intends to transport from the village to the world.

La Perla is a company that narrates and sells quality.

Because today the history, the quality of the products, their traditions are a prerequisite for customers in the food world, while the ability to know how to sell these values ​​on the market is what makes the difference.

Original recipes, packaging studied in detail, innovative consumption opportunities make La Perla products the point of reference for its shops and customers.

Brand and products that are chosen consciously, are not subjected to finding them in every place and distribution channel.

A company always present in the most distinctive events in the world of design, fashion, literature and art, where food is both culture and fashion.

La Perla has an ambitious mission: to be the company that identifies itself in Italy and abroad with the chocolate truffle market according to the traditional Piedmontese recipe adapted to current tastes and trends.

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