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Shipping all over the world - 24/72 H
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Pasticceria Romana

The Pastry Shop Caffè Romana was born in 2013 and immediately conquered the palates of adults and children. The strength of the production is the genuineness of the products offered that comes from the use of selected raw materials, but mainly from the processing techniques, more and more perfected, that the master pastry chef Gianfranco Nicolini uses, with careful study of time, temperature and food science.

The delicacy of the products lies in the basics of pastry: cream, sponge cake, puff pastry, short pastry and in particular the great leavened products whose sourdough used in panettone and in all the cakes of the holidays has hints of fruit and delicate aftertaste.

Master pastry chef Gianfranco Nicolini began to learn his trade as a boy in the Marche region, learning with commitment and dedication the delicate work of the laboratory; at the age of twenty he moved to Rome, training and perfecting his skills in some important pastry shops of the capital.

Now, in continuous and constant comparison with the masters of Italian and international pastry and with the experience gained in thirty years, tends to align itself continuously both to the evolution of the taste of customers and to the improvement of the techniques of pastry art towards a more refined genuineness.

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