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Easter 2023 on your buying guide

Eat 13 March 2023
Easter 2023 on your buying guide

Easter is just around the corner: a holiday rich in tradition and chocolate, an occasion to spend with the family, which will be even sweeter with the tasty creations available for purchase on

Coloured eggs, rich in detail and soft and delicious doves covered in icing: at we have thought of everything! You can find a variety of handcrafted Easter treats, including yeast, chocolate and even wine, that go perfectly with these festive sweets. Choose, order and with a few clicks the products arrive safely and directly to your home.

We invite you to have a look here: where you will find our special showcase for Easter, made up of strictly Made in Italy products, from Master Confectioners and producers of excellence, all characterised by the highest quality.

Too many delicacies and choosing becomes a mission? Continue reading our short guide, a simple overview of what you can find on for your Easter 2023.

The "Queen" of Easter: La Colomba

Italian tradition dictates that for Easter our tables can never be without the Colomba, the Easter cake par excellence. A soft and delicate leavened pastry now known the world over for its inimitable goodness.

An irresistible combination of candied orange and the marked flavour of black tea, these are the characteristics of Angelo Grippa's Colomba with Black Tea. Not yet available? You can pre-order it at

Next comes Davide Dall'Omo's naturally leavened Classic Colomba, which will give you the typical taste of tradition thanks to its orange aroma and crunchy almond glaze.

Last but not least - the Colomba Pistachio by La Perla di Torino - colomba filled with soft pistachio cream, covered with dark chocolate and white chocolate chips. For those who don't want to miss out on an Easter treat.

If the Colomba is the 'Queen' of Easter, the 'King' is undoubtedly chocolate

It wouldn't be Easter without chocolate and especially chocolate eggs. A sweet that unites young and old, who during the festive season are about to unwrap them to grab a piece of delicious chocolate and unearth the surprises inside. If you're looking for a haute patisserie one, you've come to the right place!

Are you a lover of sophisticated combinations even in chocolate eggs? Try Gardini Cioccolato's Caramel Egg with Sweet Salt from Cervia.
Sweet Salt enhances the chocolate with caramel, creating a special flavour!

Aiming for tradition but with an extra touch? Majani is for you! Here is the Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts Egg, dark chocolate coated inside with whole Italian hazelnuts.

And finally, Domori manages perfectly to combine white chocolate with pistachio, and enrich it with a sweet little surprise inside!

What are you waiting for? Buy your Easter cake on choose and click, we'll take care of the rest!

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