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Homemade popsicles: refresh your summer with taste!

Make 22 July 2022
Homemade popsicles: refresh your summer with taste!

Tasty, easy to make and above all... super fresh! During the summer season, there's nothing better than a good popsicle to experience your snack break or to treat yourself to a snack of pleasure and well-being: loved by young and old alike, rediscover the taste of well-being with a fresh, do-it-yourself snack... banish industrial products full of sugars and dyes and discover delicious recipes with selected and controlled ingredients approved by

Popsicles are really easy products to prepare at home: it only takes a few minutes and all you need are some popsicle molds (plastic or silicone) that you can easily find in supermarkets, hypermarkets or home improvement stores.
We at are here to give you 3 ideas to prepare as many types of popsicles: using some of the products you can find on our marketplace, but not only.
Let's get started!

Popsicle with Invero mango juice by Denis Dianin and blueberries

Facile e mega buono: vi serviranno pochi ingredienti per uno sfizio dolce fresco e assolutamente salutare. I succhi di frutta Invero di Denis Dianin sono preparati con un'altissima percentuale in frutta, e in questo gusto il blend mango è della selezione D&G Patisserie del Maestro Dianin. I mirtilli sono da acquistare freschi: deliziosi e colorati, inseriti nel vostro ghiacciolo conferiranno un gusto inimitabile, tante vitamine, ma anche pmiacere alla vista!

Easy and mega good: you'll only need a few ingredients for a fresh and totally healthy sweet treat. Denis Dianin's Invero fruit juices are made with a very high percentage in fruit, and in this flavor the mango blend is from Master Dianin's D&G Patisserie selection. Blueberries are to be purchased fresh: delicious and colorful, inserted in your popsicle will give an inimitable taste, lots of vitamins, but also pmiacere to the eye!

Ingredients for 4 servings

  • 250 ml Invero mango juice by Denis Dianin
  • 100 g fresh blueberries


Place some blueberries in your molds and fill with mango juice to the rim. Close tightly (plastic molds usually have a base with a stick included that goes to close the base of the popsicle) and place back in the freezer. To evenly distribute the blueberries in the molds, check the state of freezing after about half an hour: being careful not to spill the contents (so make sure no liquid leaks out!) shake your molds slightly: the blueberries should "move" and position themselves along the mold space.
The extra idea: don't have/find blueberries? Peach chunks, strawberries, raspberries... let your imagination run wild, with Invero mango juice success is assured!

The Balance of Yunnan Vert Green Tea 24 sachets cristal by Dammann Frères

A very simple variation among the recipes for making popsicles-and one that will ensure you an original product not easily found in the supermarket-is to make popsicles with the herbal teas, infusions and teas you like best for a vegan friendly version. Today in the version with Yunnan Vert Green Tea 24 sachets cristal by Dammann Frères and peaches.

Ingredients for 4 servings

  • 750 ml of water
  • 2 Dammann Frères green tea bags
  • 2 peaches
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar


Bring the water to a boil, turn it off, and steep the tea bags. Sugar it, cover and let cool to room temperature. In a large bowl, place the peaches, already washed, peeled and chopped. When the tea is diluted, pour it into the popsicle molds, arriving to fill less than half full. Add the chopped fruit and pour in more tea, not reaching the rim, but leaving at least a finger. Place in the freezer at least an hour; then, take out and arrange the sticks. Keep in the freezer again for another 3 hours. When ready to serve, take out and enjoy immediately.

What to do with the leftover brew? Make a delicious cocktail! Add a tuft of basil, 200 g fresh strawberries to the leftover tea and leave it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes-you can now serve and enjoy this delicious mocktail!

Coffee popsicles for an energy boost!

A great way to recycle leftover coffee and, at the same time, have a refreshing end to a meal on hand.

Ingredients for 4 servings

Heat the coffee and sugar, let it cool and add it to a pitcher with the milk. Pour the liquid into the popsicle containers. Add the coffee beans to each mold, also combining the chocolate chips. Close and place in the freezer. After an hour, insert wooden sticks and continue freezing for at least 3 hours. Unmold and serve your coffee popsicles.

What more is there to say?

Have a nice break of frozen...pleasure!



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