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New cooking titles on!

Make 15 July 2022
New cooking titles on!

Readers of Dolceitaliano flock to us! Our editorial showcase is constantly expanding, with exclusive new titles available for you! From the art of culinary technology to the perfect ice cream to the secrets of chocolate in all its forms. Read on to discover the new titles.

GenialMente Freddo by Leonardo Di Carlo


Leonardo Di Carlo again breaks the mold and bursts in with a new manual of nearly 1,000 pages, and over 1,000 recipes, to plumb the infinite potential of sub-zero pastry and ice cream making, including semifreddos, mousses, Bavaresi, ice creams, sorbets, granitas, icicles... Everything is analyzed in depth, between theory and recipes, because each page is developed according to the operational approach that underlies the Author's vision: every detail must be reasoned, questioned and connected, in a succession of calculations, diagrams, parameters and production methods, with cross-references and infographics, and a myriad of practical, step-by-step examples. All richly illustrated. The book thus demonstrates the infinite possibilities and combinations of the world of refrigeration: text, recipes and images are the result of Leonardo Di Carlo's years of work in this area. Always guided by a scientific approach, which goes hand in hand with experimentation and is tested and validated by experience, so as to become a point of reference and a source of reference from which to draw insight and knowledge. Please note: this volume is not a simple cookbook, but rather is meant to be an invitation and a spur to broaden one's horizons and mind, learning how to master technique and know ingredients. Creating their own applications and interpretations, thanks to the wealth of theoretical and practical information dispensed by the Author.

Sul cioccolato by Davide Comaschi


Davide Comaschi, a professional with a long career path, between Italy and abroad, and winner of the prestigious World Chocolate Masters 2013, has been able to tame and channel his love for chocolate, defining himself in style, technique and visions, as made explicit in this volume, in which he infuses not only his training experience, but also the creative force that balances rigorous technique with a penchant for design and image. A constructive teamwork, with the contribution of multiple skills: each page tells of Comaschi's visceral love for chocolate, from every angle: its history, its botany, its processing, its sensoriality, its moldability.... With the respect only of those who know the subject in depth, he offers a modern and reasoned vision of the Food of the Gods, with more than 50 ancient or very innovative recipes, to give ideas out of the ordinary, all marked by operational rigor and aesthetic linearity, among spreads, bars, pralines (cremini, truffles, ganaches), biscuits, cakes 18/22°C and 0/4°C, monoportions, parfaits, ice creams and sorbets.

Cioccolateria Moderna. Dalla forma al dettaglio by Maurizio Frau

The book chronicles the many facets of chocolate with an innovative, fresh and direct approach, going into detail in technical explanations and going beyond the photo-recipe pair. 256 pages of beautiful&good, which are punctuated by a rich introduction with useful tips from the author, from work organization to storefront visuals to spotting new trends, and, following that, four macro-categories divided into Pralines, Bars, Subjects and Easter Eggs. Each chapter is designed to be easy to consult and simple in its explanations, full of images-all by Elio Rinaldi-and cards, to (di)show the incredible aesthetic and taste potential of chocolate.

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