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New entry: books! New cooking titles on!

Make 10 June 2022
New entry: books! New cooking titles on!

Avid readers report! At, the editorial showcase is constantly expanding, with new exclusive titles available for you! From the art of culinary technology to the perfect ice cream to the secrets of chocolate in all its forms. Read on to discover the new titles!

Tecniche e tecnologie in cucina by Daniel Facen

The creativity of a chef is also measured by his or her ability to experiment and know advanced techniques and instrumentation, implementing the way of cooking in a modern and innovative way. In fact, today one has at one's disposal a series of technologically advanced instrumentation that can improve the end result in texture, flavor, and consistency of culinary products. Showing how the kitchen is actually a real science laboratory is Daniel Facen, talented chef and unimpeachable technician, who in the volume "Techniques and Technologies in the Kitchen" takes the reader through a world of knowledge, exact science and notions, using simple and immediate language, and then shows through recipes the practical application and potential of each instrument.

Il gelato in 101 domande by Adrea Bandiera, Andrea Soban, Lucca Cantarin, Giovanna Musumeci and Paolo Brunelli

Five Italian master gelato makers talk about their all-around professional experience. Andrea Bandiera, Paolo Brunelli, Lucca Cantarin, Giovanna Musumeci and Andrea Soban are undisputed standard bearers of the Italian culture of gelato, and for the occasion they make themselves the interpreters of this volume that ranges from gelato to sorbets, passing through granitas, going on to touch also on the themes of pastry and chocolate making. Through 101 questions, the main issues covering the basics of savoir-faire, production methods, gourmet and alcoholic ice creams, balancing, the choice of maintainers and counters, the importance of location and how to manage space are pitted. Valuable lessons, tips, recipes, and more. Starting with the simplest of questions: how do I make good ice cream?

È autentico cioccolato by Rossana Bettini

The author likes to eat. She loves good food, the healthy, unaltered, minimally processed kind; the kind she recognizes. And she writes about it, telling the truth without hiding behind the veil of compromise. Good chocolate for her was a revelation. So little is known about chocolate, a genuine unknown. It lacks "the toolbox," that set of tools needed to recognize really good and healthy chocolate, to decode its characteristics, to know how much we can eat of it with peace of mind for the line and enjoyment of the taste buds. The author lives convinced that she is what she eats and, by choice, eats only what she knows. Deepening her relationship with food belongs to her and she likes to know where it comes from, to feel its history. This book is a journey described and painted around a fascinating food. The goal of the journey is to be able to state with serenity that this "is authentic chocolate."

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