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Denis Dianin D&G

"Each of our creations is the result of a long process of searching for the perfect balance of taste, texture, and emotion. Once revealed, they have the power to attract and seduce at first glance. This is our philosophy, this is d&g." 

A company that consists of two souls: design and glamour. The first indicates the part of design that takes place inside the prestigious laboratory. The second represents the aesthetics of the product, which must be inviting and appetizing.
D&G stands for design & glamour. The word Design represents research, design and development, it allows us to explain the philosophy of work that gives us the possibility to train the customer. Glamour is understood as something that can attract and seduce and uses food as a tool because food has always been an instrument of attraction and seduction.
The professional path and his laboratory have led Denis to coveted awards, first of all the entrance in the prestigious Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani (AMPI). Publicly recognized as one of the emerging Pastry Stars in the world, Denis Dianin has also received recognition from the press.
At the "Sweety of Milano" Dianin presented his revolutionary pot-baked panettone: a great success, immediately replicated in November in Turin, at the event Una Mole di Panettoni, where he was awarded as the best creative panettone.
AMPI Master Denis Dianin said: "I have studied the technique of pot roasting for years because it represents a new frontier and a challenge to the processing of traditional panettone, making it possible to de-season the product, preserving freshness and the right humidity, and lengthening its shelf life".
Since 2006, the adventure of D&G patisserie has continued, which in 2008 added savory to its proposals and in 2015 conquered the international stage with the opening of a store in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia.
A career full of awards and recognition that in 2016 was enriched by the award for Best Packaging at the Guide Pastry Chefs and Pastry Shops of Italy 2016 by Gambero Rosso, a reward to the great attention that Denis devotes not only to product quality, but also to its presentation.

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