Shipping all over the world - 24/72 H
Shipping all over the world - 24/72 H
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Molino Colombo

We do not work to be the first, but to be the best. This principle has always been our company philosophy: working for excellence through the enhancement of the highest values of craftsmanship.
We are committed to researching raw materials and maintaining production methods that allow us to enhance the aromas and flavors of bread from the past.
Millers since 1882, we grind the finest grains to obtain various types of flour, each studied in collaboration with the masters of the art of baking to obtain lines specifically dedicated to the world of bakery, pizzeria and pastry.
Great attention is also paid to the values and health aspects of our products and it is for this reason that we have developed a line of organic flours and a line of rustic flours with wheat germ.
Since 1989 we have had a Research & Development center: "the Flour Academy". 
A modern laboratory where master bakers, pizza makers, pastry chefs and chefs can carry out demonstrations and events. A place where professionals and enthusiasts can increase and improve their knowledge, better understand the unique characteristics of Molino Colombo flours and touch with their hands the passion, love and care that distinguish our production philosophy.

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