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Chocorotto for years following the passion for chocolate, with strong tenacity and great spirit of initiative we have created our own in the chocolate world.

Chocorotto not only deals with chocolate, but everything that can be made with it. We believe in the Italian Tradition of handmade chocolate using raw materials of excellent quality, certified and guaranteed.

The processing of the product is performed with the dedication and passion of the past, through the experience accumulated over the years, which guarantees the quality of chocolate.

Our products are also known and appreciated in many European countries and in the United States.

We want to share our passion for chocolate, offering our customers products always in step with the times and to be enjoyed every day.


Giving chocolate eggs as gifts is an ancient tradition. A custom that originates from the Ancient World, from the times of the Persian Empire to the Romans and Greeks, who used to bury red eggs under the ground as a symbol of fertility and good luck for crops.

If we think about the Western World, the egg was then used as a symbol of resurrection and hope associated to the festivity of Easter.

The modern custom of eating chocolate eggs at Easter has its origin in the eighteenth century in France, in fact, the first person to make a chocolate egg was Louis XIV. He commissioned to his personal Chocolatier David Chaillou some chocolate eggs to be given as a present for Easter instead of the "usual" golden eggs.

The production of the first empty chocolate eggs was the work of Englishman John Cadbury who, at the end of the 1800's, invented the first chocolate egg with a surprise. TODAY.

All this gave life to the current tradition of producing the sweetest gift for Easter, the Chocolate Egg.

Chocolate Egg in all its wonderful facets, White, Milk, Dark, Pistachio, Caramel Toffee and many other flavors.

For the traditional Easter Dove we have to go back to the mid-sixth century according to a legend that a Lombard king during the siege of Pavia was offered as a sign of peace a Pan Dolce that had the shape of a dove, typically a symbol of peace.

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