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Gardini Cioccolato

 The story of brothers Fabio and Manuele Gardini in the gastronomic world has its origins in a bakery, opened in the late 1950s by their maternal grandparents Filippo and Mentana. Some ten years later, their daughter Maria and her husband Gastone took over the business, dedicating themselves more to pastry products. It was precisely from this love of confectionery that the Pasticceria Le Perle was born in 1976 in Lido di Spina (FE), still in full activity and a symbol of pride for the Gardini family.

It was inside the pastry shop that the brothers grew up, surrounded by the scent of bread, croissants and creams.
The first experiments with chocolate began in 1987, almost for fun, to enrich the pastry shop's creations... but the passion for this ingredient exploded into a dedication to research and study that transformed the brothers into chocolate artisans.
Chocolate: a delicious, beneficial and mutable ingredient in so many different forms and consistencies that immediately stimulated the Gardini brothers to explore new and daring flavours.
Right from the start the Gardini brothers dedicated themselves to combining chocolate with the excellence of their beloved territory: Emilia Romagna. An excellent chocolate, combined with: sweet salt from Cervia, Sangiovese and Albana Passito wine, Brighella oil, Romagna walnuts, Fossa cheese, mostarda from Cesena and balsamic vinegar from Modena. The result is genuine products with surprising combinations.
Fabio and Manuele Gardini, now established in the artisan workshop in Forlì, transform chocolate by giving it life, with passion, love and continuous research.

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